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[Update July 2018 - Research Setting Hawai'i]

Champagne Pond in Hawai’i has been destroyed by lava flood

The recent eruptions in June 2018 of the volcano Kilauea on Hawaii’s Big Island have had catastrophic consequences for the inhabitants of the small village Kapoho.

Hundreds of homes have been destroyed by the flood of lava. Also affected by this disaster was the wonderful Champagne Pond, where we conducted our study on social dynamics of physical (in)activity in Hawaiian leisure settings.

Unfortunately, the Champagne Pond was also destroyed and does not exist anymore. The lava has completely filled the entire Kapoho Bay. Nothing is left of the Pond that once had been a beautiful site for swimming, snorkeling, picnics, and other leisure activities.

Our thoughts are with the people of the Big Island and everyone who has been affected by the eruptions.